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SensationALL staff Suz and Adele have been providing specialist training workshops for a number of years. They can draw from their decades of professional experience working as Occupational Therapists and MSN Consultants in the fields of child development, learning disability, sensory processing and neuro-developmental conditions like autism, ADHD and various medical conditions. They pride themselves in providing training material around practical information and strategies relating to sometimes quite specific and complex topics. Suz and Adele have grown (and continue to expand) their own professional development by attending various training opportunities and have previously attended training by; Tony Attwood, Olga Bogdashina, Phoebe Caldwell, Debi Brown, Wendy Lawson, Rudy Simone, Michael McCreadie, Dr Gavin Reid, Steve Chinn, Deborah Plummer, Madeline Portwood, Prof Amanda Kirby, Neil Mackay, Rob Long, Liz Stephenson, Gary Mesibov to name a few. When possible, SensationALL also try to include workshops from external professionals and experts to provide a wider range of expertise and specialism on offer.

A wide range of training workshops are organised and available to parents, carers and professionals throughout the year, covering, but not limited to these main topics (see here for specific workshop outlines); 

  • Demystifying ASN & neuro-developmental conditions (like autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder)
  • Creating an autism friendly environment / Appreciating Autism Day link
  • Oh Behave! – (understanding & managing challenging behaviour) link
  • Emotional & sensory regulation (inc anxiety, anger & relaxation strategies) link
  • Creating & using a sensory environment at home & school link
  • Making Sense link
  • Movement & Learning link
  • Growing up and relationships link
  • Promoting independence link
  • Using visual support effectively link
  • Practical strategies (inc social stories, schedules, behaviour management, TEACCH/PECs & structured learning) link
Prices: £12 for parents/carers, £20 for professionals, FREE to SensationALL volunteers

SensationALL can develop and deliver bespoke specialist training packages, in-service training and workshops. Suz and Adele have provided training workshops to a range of professionals, organisations and groups. Competitive charges for these will vary according to topic, group size and location.

“The ladies were very friendly and helped make the course enjoyable…..these courses are invaluable”

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