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Everyone at SensationALL tries very hard to address the needs of their users, families and associated professionals. They seek regular suggestions and feedback from all of their service users and have a number of testimonials from a wide range of people, groups and organisations. For a presently small charity it’s not about huge figures and statistics but more about listening to what is being requested, missed by other services or gaining qualitative comments. As one local professional remarked:

“SensationALL is unique because they are working with families to fill service gaps and deliver real training opportunities and information for families & other professionals”.

SensationALL also try hard to gain the opinions of it’s users and younger members and try to use accessible methods to capture their feedback.

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They have invested in software for the ipad (This Much app) to achieve their views and have created a (Blue Peter prototype!) interactive physical rating scale. Please have a look at our vision page to see what future services and developments we are working hard to achieve.

“Very welcoming, practical advice, great environment for Rebecca and staff who could really connect with her.”


Specialist advice is frequently sought from our SensationALL staff by families, carers, organisations  and statutory services. As our SensationALL team is currently small there is no capacity to address or provide individual consultation. We are always keen to address family issues and problems when we can which is easier for us to do during dedicated times or groups, like our Tea & Tips or Stay & Play sessions. For professionals and organisations specific discussions, contracted work and bespoke training might be necessary.


SensationALL have a small information area and have extensive knowledge of other MSN related services, organisations and links, both nationally and locally. Sharing MSN related advice is an integral part of our services through general queries, groups and Tea & Tips sessions and other support services

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