At SensationALL, we are committed to sharing our knowledge to equip you with the tools you need to overcome challenges that complex conditions present. On this webpage you will find links to some fantastic free resources that have been created either by us or other amazing organisations.

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Autism resources

To accompany our Introduction to Autism workshop we want to share the below links to valuable resources that may help families living with Autism.


Just Right For You – A story about Autism

My Awesome Autism: Helping Children learn about their Autism diagnosis

My Autism Book – Child’s Guide to Autism

Understanding Autism: Walk a mile in their shoes – A beginners guide

The Reason I Jump – One boy’s voice from the silence of autism

You Tube Clips:

What is Autism (2014) – The National Autistic Society

What is Autism (2019) – The National Autistic Society

Amazing Things Happen – Alexander Amelines

An Explanation of Autism for Children – A Different Kind of Brilliant

School related

Our young people have experienced a huge amount of change and disruption due to the pandemic which can have extreme impacts on behaviour and mental health. In particular, the return to school after home learning is a daunting prospect for many youngsters.

The below resources are developed to help your family plan for and adapt to the changes to routine:

Our FREE Transition Toolkit is full of advice for parents/carers who are supporting a youngster in their return to school.

Click below for all the resources you need…

Communication Friendly is a group of Support for Learning Teachers in North Lanarkshire Council who create fantastic visuals and communication tools.

Their website has loads of templates and visuals to help youngsters adjust to school timetables, weekly workloads and even self-testing for secondary pupils.

Coping Strategies

Sometimes stressful or upsetting situations are unavoidable so here are some tools designed to address difficult behaviour or emotional meltdowns whenever they happen. To build resilience and as a preventative measure we recommend incorporating these types of activities into your routine…

The first thing we recommend is to use an emotions rating scale (like the ones below) to get your loved one to recognise how they feel and communicate it to you – use the scale daily as part of your routine.

Emotion rating scale

Emotion chart
Strategy card template

A strategy card (similar to the template shown) is useful for writing down what they should do when experiencing different feelings.

Create personalised activities they can do to diffuse any negative behaviour and improve their emotional rating. Activities can be anything they enjoy or that relaxes them.

We suggest trying worry boxes, breathing & relaxation exercises, journals and using safe spaces/dens.

Relaxation exercises

Our Facebook page and You Tube channel have lots of useful videos with relaxation exercises, yoga and sensory activities. Here is one that is perfect for when you’re feeling overwhelmed:

Mental Health

It’s important to take a bit of time to look after ourselves whether you are a parent/carer, sibling or an individual with a disability or support need. Click on the images below to access some great resources:

Mental Health Foundation’s website has some brilliant resources

It is really important that parents & carers take some time out for themselves to recharge and try to relax and recharge. We mentioned how sensory practices can help you do this in our newsletter Sensory Spaces and to help we’ve created some “Me Time” signs you can use to let family members know when taking a bit of space…

Financial support

If you are struggling financially then there are organisations who can support you, here are a few we are aware of:

We are constantly pulling together lots more great links and resources to help get you through this evolving situation. Keep checking this page for more practical activities to help your family stay self-regulated and balanced.

Stay safe, stay SensationALL!