We use the term multiple support needs (MSN) to acknowledge and recognise the numerous conditions and complex factors that impact on the lives and needs of our service users. 

We prefer this term rather than Additional Support Needs (ASN), which is widely used in the field of education when children require different learning methods or environments to their peers

In essence, multiple support needs are wide ranging and can include any medical, physical or neuro-developmental condition that affects an individual’s ability to learn, communicate, process information and regulate emotions or behaviour.

SensationALL is so-called because our founding ethos is to be all-inclusive and offer support to:

  • ALL ages
  • ALL conditions
  • ALL members of the family

We fundamentally believe that individuals with MSN and their families should be able to access appropriate services without it being based on diagnostic labels, age or location.

Our informal mantra is;

if you can benefit from our charity and get here, then you’re welcome’

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