Chill-oot! is our specially designed programme for youngsters struggling with…
  • understanding or expressing emotions
  • anxiety or worries
  • anger
  • poor sleep patterns
  • regulating their mood
  • coping in social settings
  • maintaining friendships

Created by SensationALL’s Occupational Therapists, this structured programme helps youngsters develop vital coping strategies and techniques that build resilience and confidence for dealing with everyday situations.

My son has made significant improvements since participating in Chill-oot! and is improving vastly in understanding himself and his place in our world. He is moving towards the light, out of the darkness of anxiety, fear, doubt, negativity and anger.

SensationALL parent

Chill-oot! has helped many youngsters become aware of their emotions and behavioural triggers, resulting in them being happier, calmer and more in control. The impact on family life can also be significant and we even offer Family Chill-oot! when parent/carers stay and take part in sessions.

Each of the sessions are based on a psych-educational approach to develop self-awareness, regulation skills and emotional literacy by equipping youngsters with personalised coping strategies to use on a daily basis to better cope with the world around them.

Huge thank you for getting my son booked in for Chill-oot! He is absolutely loving the classes and gets so excited about coming. I see a lot of improvement in his behaviour and he is now handling stressful situations which has made this term at school easier. Staff have helped him realise how his reactions affect not just him but everyone around him.

parent feedback

Group are small with numbers capped according to the needs of individual attendees.

Each session allows for self-expression and we encourage attendees to share experiences and practice listening to others.

There is no set age limit for attending Chill-oot! – it is ideal for school-age children, teenagers and even young adults. The only requirement is that they have basic communication skills and can attend independently without a parent/carer present.

Chill-oot! is particularly beneficial for neurodivergent youngsters including those with Autism and ADHD but as we do not require a formal diagnosis prior to entry, it is open to anyone with emotional or behavioural issues.

For more information about Chill-oot! and dates of upcoming blocks email