Training workshops are open to parents/carers, professionals or organisations and bespoke training can be designed to meet your objectives.

It is our aim to empower you by sharing our knowledge and skills. Sessions are led by qualified team members with years’ of experience supporting individuals with complex needs and disabilities.

SensationALL have a vast amount of knowledge!

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Upcoming Workshops

Makaton Training

Our qualified Makaton Tutor, Jane will lead you through the Core Vocabulary Workshops which teaches the signs and symbols for everyday communication.

Split into 4 levels which need to be completed in order.

LEVEL 1 – Tuesday 2nd and 9th November 2021, 9.30-12.30pm

LEVEL 2 – Tuesday 7th and 14th December 2021, 9.30-12.30pm

LEVEL 3 – dates to be announced

LEVEL 4 – dates to be announced

£50 per person, per level

Other topics

Listed below are some of the typical Multiple Support Needs (MSN) training topics we offer. We will announce dates of upcoming training sessions on this page but if you are interested in a bespoke or private session please contact us.

Autism Masterclass

Autism is now widely acknowledged in society. But did you know that people on the autistic spectrum can have great imagination? Or that whilst some may not be able to speak, they can create complex language using electronic aids? Did you know that sensory issues can often be a fundamental cause of challenging behaviour?

When you have worked with one person on the Autism spectrum, you have learned about ONE person on the spectrum

There is always something new to learn about autism. Personal accounts, discussion of associated issues and behaviour analysis with an ‘autism filter’ will all be covered to promote a spectrum wide, positive focus on autism.

Oh Behave!

What do we do when all the ‘go-to’ behavioural techniques don’t work? Dealing with youngsters who have MSN often requires a more ‘out of the box’ way of thinking. This workshop covers basic behaviour analysis and introduces the importance of developing both PROactive, REactive and Crisis Management strategies for effective behavioural management.

Regulation & Relaxation

Many young people today have very busy and frenetic lives. A constant lifestyle full of stimulation, less boundaries and quiet times can result in many of them struggling to keep themselves regulated and in control of their emotions. We focus on the importance of encouraging young people to learn about identifying and coping with their key emotions, signs of stress or triggers. We discuss different forms of self-regulation including integrating stress–reducing and relaxation strategies into your day, (these can also be applied to siblings, or even yourself!!)

Practical Strategies

Provides hands-on opportunities to experiment and try out practical strategies and approaches commonly used when dealing with young people with MSN. Bring your own ‘challenges’ or we can work through example case studies so that you go away with ‘ready to use’ strategies.

Making Sense

Outlines sensory development, sensory processing disorders & common impairments. This is an interactive workshop where participants will be expected to participate in different sensory ‘experiences’ and as a result, consider appropriate accommodation measures. This workshop is a good base for attending the Sensory Room Design & Use.

Sensory Room Design & Use

Ever thought that your MSN youngster would benefit from a calming corner? Wondered why particular children struggle to sit down for any length of time, engage in bizarre behaviour or don’t seem to be able to cope at school? Come & find out why that might be – how to create small, integrated sensory areas within your environment for a relatively low cost.

Bespoke training sessions are also available for companies, organisations or groups. Contact us to enquire.

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