As an independent charity we have to work hard at developing our income generation and funding streams. The SensationALL team is constituted with a strong committed board of several professionals, MSN parents and interested individuals. SensationALL are always making contacts and links with other local services and organisations who they often work in partnership with. Many people have given valuable support, time and advice to help get this project moving and continue to help keep SensationALL running.

Funding for capital developments (for premises alterations and adaptations) in addition to the necessary funding required just to keep our centre open is a daily priority. Appropriate grant applications are continually being actively sought along with the organisation of various fundraising events and donations which are ongoing sources of funding for SensationALL services to continue to be run and subsidised. See here for further developments.


Corporate Support



“I love to help out at SensationALL, it makes me feel so humble. Just by making the refreshments and cleaning the toys, I know I’m making a difference to some lovely families.”

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