Energy ladder sheet

We use energy ladders in our sessions all the time at SensationALL as they are a fantastic way to visually show how we are feeling at different times.

Here is one of our worksheet templates which has space for youngsters to write down an activity or hobby to do when they are feeling a little too energised or completely out of energy.

Why not do the activity as a family and compare the things you all like to do when you’re at different levels.

Print the below blank clock template and colour sections for different activities to create your own personalised schedule like the example below. Then stick your completed version onto the face of a clock in your house. If you prefer, you could use an old clock and colour directly onto it.

We like the flexibility of being able to change schedules for different days/scenarios e.g. one for weekends or non-school days.

If possible, involve the child or individual to give them some ownership over the timetable.

Visual timetable

Create your own timetable using the below visuals:

Condition description templates

These “passports” help communicate the details of an individual’s condition and their requirements or preferences to medical staff or professionals: