There are many terms used to describe people’s differences and disabilities but SensationALL prefers the term ‘Multiple Support Needs’.

Multiple Support Needs (MSN) is used to recognise the many factors that affect the life of an individual and their family. We prefer this term as opposed to Additional Support Needs (ASN), which is linked more with the field of education.

Most of our service users have neurodevelopmental conditions, meaning that there is a disability in the functioning of the brain, commonly resulting in physical and sensory impairment, learning difficulties and medical needs.

This includes conditions like autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning deficits, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome and dyslexia.

These can often lead to challenges with:

  • information processing
  • communicating effectively
  • memory and comprehension
  • behaviour and self-regulation
  • sensory perceptions/experiences

all of which have a significant impact on their ability to learn and socialise.

What is MSN

We believe that ALL individuals and families should have equal access to leisure activities and opportunities that can develop learning, friendships and promote positive mental health as part of lifelong learning and growth.

We aim to empower our young people and their families with the confidence, social and life skills to achieve their full potential.

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