SensationALL provides support and activities for neurodiverse individuals and those with complex support needs. ALL ages, ALL conditions and ALL members of the family.

We can help families living with neurodivergent or complex conditions. If you are struggling with developmental delay, sensory processing issues or behavioural, emotional or social difficulties get in touch with us!

Activity sessions and social groups are specially designed for individuals who need a tailored environment where they can develop their skills while making friends and having fun! We empower attendees to thrive by teaching coping techniques and strategies to build resilience and self-esteem.

Advisory services from our experienced team of specialists will help parent/carers or professionals to overcome the challenges of caring for someone with a complex condition.

Our centres, in Westhill and Aberdeen, are safe places where families can play, learn, relax and have fun in a supportive environment. We will include you in our community so you can build networks and share experiences.

No formal diagnosis is required before accessing our services.

1 in 5 people in the UK are Neurodiverse.

Around a third of Scottish school pupils have an identified additional support need.