Adult support group

Thanks to funding from Inspiring Scotland, we have launched a new group for adults aged 18 and over, who self-identify as, or are diagnosed with a neurodiverse condition such as Autism or ADHD. If you are an adult who has been diagnosed later in life, or if you suspect you...Read More

Top Tips For A Happy Halloween

At SensationALL, we know that Halloween is one of the events in the year that divides people as, while it is a fun celebration for most, many families living with neurodivergent individuals find it a difficult and challenging experience. If you want to celebrate Halloween this year, here are a...Read More

SensationALL volunteers!

Volunteers are the backbone of what we do and we wouldn't accomplish so much without them. Our volunteers mirror our values, and are an invaluable extension of our team. One volunteer who has proved to be priceless is our maintenance volunteer, Donald who the staff have unofficially entitled "Superman". Donald...Read More

SensationALL means the world to me.

SensationALL's services and activities for Neurodiverse individuals and those with complex conditions are a lifeline for many. However, our support is not only for attendees themselves, but also for the wider family. In 2022, we created a timetable of informal support groups for parent/carers. The benefit of having this peer...Read More

*NEW* virtual social group

We've been delighted with the success of our virtual services since the pandemic forced us to suspend face-to-face activities. But as a needs led service, we are always looking for ways to improve our programme and respond to input from our attendees. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that following...Read More

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